In the beginning...

(Um, one year ago) ...there was a hard-working desk jockey who needed an outlet (that's me). That outlet turned into drawing and painting. My style is still undefined. Different mediums attract me for different subjects, so I am in a delirious state of learning each time I sit down to create. I am excited, and sometimes frustrated, to see what emerges. Luckily the excitement wins out!

One year later and I think I've learned quite a bit. YouTube has been my "higher education", and I'd like to give a big "Thank You" to those artists I follow. In particular, Anna Mason (@annamasonart), Billy Showell (@billyshowell), Krzysztof Kowalski (@esperoart), Peter Sheeler (@sheelerart), and Charles Evans for watercolor. Also a big thanks to Colored Pencil Magazine and Ann Kullberg's Color Magazine for a central place to learn and view incredible pencil work by incredibly talented individuals.

Let's see where this ends up!