New Toys - Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers

I received my Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers! I was intrigued by the notion that they are lightfast (per the company, up to 100 years in standard gallery conditions). In my imagination, everything that I attempt to produce could turn out the be the "one" that gets me noticed or - more realistically - the "one" that I want to hang loud and proud on the wall to say "Yes! I CAN do this!". The idea of fading makes me a little sad.

After my standard YouTube research, I put Winsor & Newton pigment marker to Winsor & Newton pigment marker paper. Most of what I'd heard described was spot on: 1) The pigment sits on top of the paper allowing it to be moved around, 2) the white blender is pretty awesome, 3) the pigment literally ran out of some of the nibs in large drops on to my page, and 4) the chisel nibs are incredibly fragile - if you aren't careful putting the cap back on, it splits it right in two. The other thing I noticed that I had not heard on YouTube was that you have to be very light handed as the marker paper is super thin and will damage almost immediately. The ability to work and rework as one user talked about is rather limited unless very careful.

All that said, they are more fun than markers I've tried in the past, and I'll continue to give them a try. They are here now, after all!

Post update: Chili Peppers coming, and they look very promising so far!

Pretty daffodils on a beautiful spring day.

Pretty daffodils on a beautiful spring day.